5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Expired Domains


There are many new newbies getting involved in the domain flipping business because it is easy to do. Today many domainers are looking at purchasing expired domains. Undoubtedly, this business is easy and profitable. We can also find good domains and then flip it to make some profit.

As I said this business line can be profitable, if you are selling 3 to 4 domains per week and make $50 to $100 profit on every domain then you can easily make $200 to $500 a week. If you are planning to enter the domain flipping business, there are crucial things that you need to be aware of before buying a domain from anyone.

What is Expired Domain?

Expired Domain is a domain where you need not invest in renewals. There are many people who forget to renew their domains or they do not have the resources to renew their domains, so the domain name registrar has provided a 30-day extension to renew your domain.

Then if you fail to renew your domain even after this 30-day extension, then this domain will be declared as expired domain and the domain registrar will start bidding for that domain.

The bidding will last long for 7 days and the highest bidder at the end of the 7th day will be able to buy the expired domain very easily. And with this process, you can easily buy more expiring domains.  

How Can You Use These Domains?

An expired domain is a great asset to do many interesting things. Before moving further to learn about how to buy an expired domain and what to be aware of before buying, let’s understand how we can use these domains.

#1 301 Redirect

301 redirect is helpful in passing all the necessary information to a new website or a blog. Let us say you have a bought a domain name which is having backlinks from TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes, HBC or any other big websites. You can simply 301 redirect that domain name to your money website and eventually you will the difference in your website rankings.

#2 Build An Authority Site

It is recommended to have an authority site on your domain. Kulwant Negi, a marketer says he bought a niche education domain and added around 100+ articles on that blog. That domain was getting backlinks from some high authority education websites, so they didn’t put in any extra efforts to make backlinks for that domain.

He said the results were astonishing to see their domain ranking to grow. Also, every article that was written on their blog was ranked in Google. This worked out only for few months yet we made some handful income out of this domain.

From this, you can understand you can build a site around that expired domain and attain ranking from the past authority of the domain.

#3 Private Blog Network (PBN)

Here is an alternative method to reroute Google to rank your domain. SEO experts have build their own blogs to link back to their money websites i.e private blog network of their own.

To have an expired domain with high DA, PA and backlinks from the big websites can prove to beneficial to your business. Once you build a good site on those expired domains and give a backlink to your money website, you can easily improve your ranking.

Things You Need To Know before buying expired domains

Here are things you need to know before buying any expired domains from any marketplace. Example, many people are selling GoDaddy expired domains on various platforms. The catch here is they will only show certain parameters like Good DA & PA and hide all the other information required to purchase the domain name. So make sure you read these 5 points carefully before getting into domain flipping business.

#1 Before Buying, Check the DA/PA of a Domain

There are numerous domains which expire daily and you can check for these expired domains from Moonsy, Expired Domains, PR Drop, and from many other sites that have listed expired domains or deleted domains.

Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) are two very important factors to find the quality of any expired domain or live website. DA and PA were introduced by Moz and you can check them on Open Site Explorer.

If you are buying an expired domain, check for both DA and PA and try to buy a domain that has a DA 25+.

#2 Check the Domain with Google Banned Checker

If you find a domain with a good DA, PA, and very good looking domain but this will be of no use if Google has already banned it from their search engines. So check with the Google banned checker and make sure that the domain is not banned.

Bonus, if the domain is very good and you want to buy it in any case even if it is banned, then you can use Google Reconsideration Request and request them from unbanning the domain.

#3 Check Google AdSense Ban

You will find hundreds of expired domains which are Google Adsense Banned. So when you are thinking of building a website on an expired domain this should be your first step before buying any domain. Because you are purchasing a domain you are looking at the Return on investment and when a domain is banned then it is of no use.

AdSense Sandbox Checker is a tool that will help you to find AdSense Ban. Simply put the URL and click on the preview ads. If all the ads are being advertised and displayed then you are in a safe zone. Otherwise please avoid buying them as it will be banned.

#4 Check Archive of Website

You might aware of all the points above but this is a new thing. If you are buying an expired domain and want to see which type of website was running before it expired then simply go to Archive and put your domain URL there. Click on take me back button and you can take a screenshot of it. The screenshot will have a timeline graph and you can click on any day to check how the site looks like in past. You can circle the required date in the month and you will be able to see a live website of that time.

#5 Check for Chinese Backlinks

Generally, most of the expired domains are backlinked with spammed Chinese links. And luckily you can check these with aHrefs. Just put your domain name in ahrefs site explorer and go in the backlinks section.

Please note if there are many Chinese backlinks and many anchor texts with different languages, so avoid those domain names.

What Are Websites To Buy High Quality Deleted/Expired Domains?

Here is a list of few websites we recommend you to buy domains from –

#1 Domcop

Domcop website is used for finding expired domains. They have integrated various services with their platform so that you can check all the parameters on the site itself.

aHrefs, SEMRush, SimilarWeb, Moz, Majestic SEO are already integrated with the platform.

#2 Moonsy

Moonsy is the website you can hands down find high quality expired domains. The best time to use Moonsy is at night to find as many domains which are expiring. You can buy these domains and sale it at a higher price.

#3 ExpiredDomains

ExpiredDomains is one of the most popular websites in the domain expiring business. They have filters on their site which you can use to find quality domain names. ExpiredDomains have listed both expired and deleted domains on their website.

Final Words

These are 5 points to remember before buying expired domains from any marketplace. You will be gain potential expired domains and improve your ranking in the marketplace if you can check all these points.

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