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Have you got a good domain name? How are you making use of your domain name to your benefit? How about selling your domain name to make money from it? Let’s look how these questions are effective with regard to domain names. Take a look at bird-cage.com, this website was sold at $1800 then the person who bought this domain redesigned the website and sold the website for $173000 after 2 years. Are you wondering how can this be possible? Interesting Business right? So, how can you make money selling your domain names? What are all the best domain selling websites?

With more advancement in internet and domaining process, there are more places to sell your domain than ever before. As a rule of thumb, experts recommend that investors should seek potential buyers directly. But, it is essential that you get the investors to buy your domains as much as possible.

Well, you can list your domains in as many sources as possible. However, what you need to remember to remove domains from other platforms as soon as the domain sells on one. Now let us look at the some of the best places to sell your domain names.

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How Can You Sell Your Domain Name for the Best Price

This article is all about selling your domain name at best price. The domain name business is much similar to the real estate business. Studies show that having a three or four letter domain name today will earn you a minimum price of $100000. Having a three or four letter back in early 2000’s have earned a great ROI today. Anyways, now that these three and four letter domains have already been taken. Back in days, we learned to check the four letter domain availability. I tried to check whether any four letter domain name was available. I worked on general permutations and combinations route and found that there were 26x26x26x26=456976 four letter domain names. I used bulk domain name checker to check if these domain names were available. After a week, my time of a week went in vain because all the four letter domain names were taken.

From these experience, I have found that forecasting is the key of success factor in the domain business.

Let’s dive headfirst to know how to sell your domain name

Announce to the World that Your Domain is for Sale

You need to know that whether your site or domain has visitors or not, you need to let your visitors know that you are selling your domain. This has been one of best ways for lead generation.

Sensible Pricing

You might have heard domain names being sold for million dollars and also you would have heard of selling domain names at very least prices. If you earn a million bucks on your domain, you either are lucky or domain name is worth the money. Do not ever overprice your domain because you will lose out on the actual opportunities to sell your domain. Yes, you can always negotiate your prices but most importantly make sure your domain name pricing is sensible. Your domain name might sound fancy for you, but may not for others. Pricing factor depends on many considerations, such as

  • Domain Letters
  • Domain Age
  • Relevance
  • Brandability
  • Google Search Volume
  • Current or upcoming trends
  • Pricing in Future

7 Best Places to Sell Your Domain Names

We learned about selling domain names, we shall now move on to find all the best places to sell your domain names. Let us look at 8 top websites on the internet through which you can sell your domain name.

1. Sedo

sell your domain name at SEDO

Sedo is one of the largest domain companies online that provides the clients with a large variety of domain services. The most popular services in Sedo is domain listing, sales services, and domain parking services. Besides they provide registrations, domain valuations, brokerage services, portfolio management, and a lot more. Sedo is the largest umbrella in domain listing services with more than 800000 users and marketing more than 14 million domain names on their site. Generally, most names are listed for sale with a straight fee. There is also room for negotiations on names listed for sale and these domains are sold via Sedo’s premium auctions.

If you want to sell your domain name, sign up for a free account on this site and list your name, as it is with other sites, Sedo too takes a percentage on all completed sales. Sedo also provides a unique service called Sedo Pro that caters to the more active and higher valued domain portfolio owners. One of the disadvantages of Sedo is that their escrow fee is very high.

2. Flippa

sell your domain name at Flippa

Flippa has a simple interface to buy and sell domains. All that you need is to create an account and list your domain name. If you wish for any upgrades you have to pay to add your listing. Respond to the buyer’s queries as and when they come in potential buyers. If a sale is to end successfully, you can transfer ownership and look out to receive money. It will get as simple as this.

Flippa is certainly a good option if you are looking to sell your domains with paying the fees. Important to take notice there are some complaints about their bad customer support. Also, beware of the dodgy bidders who make bids without even having an intention of buying it. It seems like the team hasn’t taken any measure to keep a check on these fake bidders.      

3. Afternic

sell your domain name at AFTERNIC

Afternic is a great place for domain aftermarket sites to visit. The site has specialize in high-quality names and therefore cheap negotiations are hard to come by. But, if you are planning to sell a quality domain name you will surely and easily find a buyer for the domain at Afternic. The whole process of buying and selling domains on Afternic is quite simple when compared to other aftermarket sites since they use their own specialized escrow service. Coming to the sale fee when compared to all the other websites is ranging between 10 to 20%. As a seller at Afternic, you get your money’s worth as the source outreach is large consisting of potential and seasoned buyers.

4. Igloo


Igloo is a well-known platform for providing information and tools required to meet your domaining needs effectively and efficiently. Igloo being a top-tier marketplace for register domains, Igloo effectively helps people to purchase domain names, buy registered domains, list domains for sale in different ways and sell domains in a safe and secure manner.

Why should you consider Igloo? Here are various reasons why you should consider Igloo are verified buyers and sellers, user-friendly interface, public and private auctions, customized transaction report, tailored listing pages, seamless parking platform integration, and independent third-party data.

5. Cax


Cax precipitates your domain name to fall under the biggest community of domain investors. There is also sale commission is 5 to 10% depending on your membership. There is brokerage or exclusive listing during auctions. Your listing is always in control – you can, edit, or remove as per your convenience. You are given complete sales page customization – you can choose to add text, video, graphics, and the like. You can also avail free sale page parking at Cax.com. Additionally, you can get a free subdomain to list your entire domain portfolio under one roof. The best part is you can start using the domain you wanted with no money down.

6. BrandBucket


BrandBucket specializes in providing businesses with carefully researched domain names which are rich in branding. Bonus if you have a high-quality domain with you, you will find potential buyers at BrandBucket. Communication with BrandBucket and the whole process at BrandBucket is quick and easy. This actually means if you sell your domain you will get your money in a flash.

7. HuntingMoon


HuntingMoon has established a platform for easy use of trading assets like domain names, businesses, domain portfolios, web traffic, content, design, and a lot of other products and services. The transactions are very swift and smooth. They are reasonable with prices and you have a great opportunity to sell your domains with the top guns in the industry. If you choose HuntingMoon everything is done with honesty and integrity.

HuntingMoon has over 10000 buyers shopping every month and number is growing every consecutive year. A lot of startups, businesses, and investors rely on this website for domain names. So you will find a plethora of buyers for your domain.

Members can have a conversation over private chat or via the questions and answers tab on the listings. The commission on HuntingMoon is 10% on every successful transaction.


You learned how to sell your domain name and then reviewed 8 popular online marketplaces to sell your domains. Now it is all up to you to decide on which online platform will suit you the best. Before deciding to sell your domain on any site, re-evaluate your domain and it’s quality and worth. This can help you in identifying the best platform to sell your domain through a domain aftermarket site that sells the kind of domain you have.              

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