7 mistakes to avoid when buying a domain name


Buying a domain name is no harder than tearing up a piece of paper. However, just like one needs to be careful of not tearing a paper that is an important document, one needs to be careful not to do certain things when buying a domain.

More often than not, companies do not engage a domain buyer broker, and take matters into their own hands. Although this is a rational move in terms of saving costs, it is however, quite deadly if the company is not aware of the various issues that are at hand.

The world of domain names is filled with treacherous paths and before you know it, you may find yourself swindled by a domain seller. As such, below are some of the things that you must avoid in order to play safe and remain in the field.

Things to avoid when buying a domain name

#1 Avoid contacting a domain name seller directly

Although contacting a domain name seller directly to get a domain name sounds professional and more authentic, it is however, one of the biggest mistakes that you will ever make.

Contacting a domain speculator in particular, allows him/her to charge a higher price since they know you want a specific domain name.

Moreover, even if you try to hide your identity, domain speculators will be able to identify you using various techniques.

#2 Avoid going to websites that are selling your preferred domain name

Visiting a website of domain name seller sends a clear signal to them in terms of increased traffic. Through this, they are able to uncover the identity of the visitor and hence allow them to charge a higher price if the visitor asks them for the domain name in question.

#3 Avoid submitting a domain name enquire on the domain name seller’s landing page

Submitting an enquiry as such or even making an offer may reveal your identity to the domain name buyer and hence allow him/her to demand a higher price.

Moreover, simply the act of submitting an enquiry may imply that you have agreed to some of the terms and conditions of the company and may therefore be obliged to pay a certain fee even if you have not bought the domain name.

#4 Avoid making the name of your new start-up public

Various start-ups make the mistake of announcing their name publicly through press releases. This is a major blunder since the owner of the matching domain name can instantly quote a significantly higher price once the start-up attempts to buy the domain name.

#5 Avoid registering multiple top-level domains for your target domain name

Registering a top-level domain such as .org or .com is a clear sign that you desperately want a specific domain name. This can easily allow the domain name seller to spike up the price once he/she has identified who has registered the TLD.

#6 Avoid filing a trademark until you have found a corresponding domain name

Until and unless you have found a domain name that matches your trademark, do not file a trademark application.

This is because such applications are stored online and can be accessed publicly. Domain name speculators can search out the new applications and immediately register a domain name of the same of name.

They will then sell the name for a higher price.

#7 Avoid being too hasty for a specific target domain

It is true that various domain names appear too attractive to let go off. However, this may indicate that you are too desperate and hence pay an incredibly higher price for it.

Alternatively, try having other options to go with if you fail to get the domain of your choice.

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