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Given the advancement of technology, nowadays, almost everyone at least think about this area when deciding on a career. No wonder, it is widespread area that literally anyone who wants to join, will have success. There are more people who are interested in the Internet and its benefits, so they are exploring in every possible way how to make money from it. One such “business” are domains and websites. When we mention a domain or website,the first thought is that people own them because they advertise their company or business. However, there are also those who make money from that, who made their own “firm” from domains and websites. It sounds impossible and complicated, but nothing at all. Why you need to think about how to create your own website or what is a domain in general, when there are people who do it for you? When you own a domain, there are so many things that you can do with it, without the creation of a website on it. If you want to buy / sell a domain or website, there are several things you need to know and what you need to keep an account. These are some of them.

Ownership transfer and trade?


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Due to the job description, many domain owners change their owners on a daily basis, and this is a common and often process. However, people often do not know the difference between the terms of ownership change and the sale of domains and websites. Transfer means changing the domain registry, changing the domain name from one registry to another. So, when you want to create a website, you must first buy a domain, register and then make a website on it. The change of ownership implies changing the registrant, changing the place of domains from one account to another. Sales mean both, one and the other, means the correlation between the change of the registry and the registrant. It’s very important to understand this, so you know what to do next.

Why would someone want to transfer domain or website?

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There are many reasons for this. Most people do this because they want to merge a domain and a webhost into one in order to have hosting and domain name on a single account, which is definitely a good recommendation to do. Then, transfer is also necessary in cases when you purchase a domain that is registered in a different registrar. The third and perhaps the most common reason is the sale. As we have already mentioned, people buy and sell domains and websites, so it is necessary to transfer domains before selling.

How it works?


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Domain transfer involves the administrative process of transferring a registered domain name to the jurisdiction of another provider to whom the domain will be paid in the future. Domain transfer has nothing to do with the content of the site and does not involve the transmission of content. The registrant may sent a request for the transfer of a domain registration to a new registrant through an authorized registry responsible for that domain. Changing ownership is considered to be a change of sensitive information about the domain name owner and is carried out according to a specific procedure. The current owner sends a request to change the ownership of the domain to the registry of the national Internet domain. The request shall include information on the current domain name owner and the new owner information (name, street, city, country, contact phone and email address). After successfully running a procedure to change ownership over the domain, registrant is notified. To the email address of the current owner will be sent a verification email by the registry of the national Internet domain. The verification email contains a link to confirm the action as well as a document signed by the domain owner (in the case of a legal entity, the legal representative signs). A verification email is sent to the new owner’s email by the domain registry that contains only the link to confirm the action. It is necessary for both owners to verify the action via a link so that the process can be successfully completed.

The domain’s contact information


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Make sure this is done. The domain you purchased should contain your information. This is important for many reasons. First of all, if you buy something, it needs to contain your information (especially if it’s online shopping) and to know who is the customer. The other reason is that you do not want to come to a misunderstanding later, to pay for something, and you have no proof that it is yours. In this situation, you do not have the right to use the product (domain) because it is not registered on your name when you purchase it. Since you are transferring ownership over the domain, you will want to edit your contact information in order to allow the new owner to add your contact information. You need to know that in this process there are three participants: the registrant (the person whose name the domain reads and owns), admin (the person responsible for the transfer process and who receives emails from the registrar during the transfer process itself) and billing (the person who is responsible for receiving invoices and fees from a new domain registration). It should be emphasized here that this may be the same person or different persons in charge of managing your account. The recommendation when registering is to use one of your public accounts, such as Gmail.

What is important to do?

Of course, you do not want to get into trouble or you do not want to come to a misunderstanding, so there are things you need to keep in mind when transferring. Before you start a domain transfer or website transfer process, you need to check a few things: the domain must be at least 60 days long and have not had transfers in those 60 days, you need to ask if it is necessary to change the name of the server during the transfer, during some transfers it will require an authorization code and to remove the protection for a while, and also make sure you update all contact information as this can be requested during the process.


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Provider should not make conditions to transfer domain names. Domain is only your property and provider, or the registry is there to be an agent between the national registry and you. Transferring domains to another registry can easily be done even the day before the expiration of the domain, and not 30 or 60 days before, as it can be found in the terms of use of some registers. For .com, .net and other extensions, however, it takes more than one to five days. If your provider in a similar manner literally blackmails you, you can always report the case to the national internet domain registry. Then, such a provider should have options for automated sending of authorization code (or EPP) and additional options for locking or unlocking domains. With the help of the EPP code you can safely transfer your domain to another registry, while the existing one is required to deliver it to you in due time, if you require it. Also, if you want to make a domain transfer with another registry, there are some registries that do not charge you for this “wish”. The price you pay during the transfer involves the extension of the domain registration for one year, which is added to the current expiration date of the registration, so that the transfer of the domain is actually free, and for the price you pay during the transfer, you get a standard extension of the domain registration for one year.

Website transfer


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Similar rules apply to web site transfers. The main step is finding the hosting provider for your website. Here you have to pay attention because you certainly do not want to change the web host every time. See your web host’s operating system. For simple HTML websites, it does not matter which operating system has the chosen web hosting provider. Also, technical support is very important. You are looking for those web hosting providers that provide technical support through all possible communication channels (phone, email, live chat) to be always available when you need them. Choose a webhost that pays attention to its performance and reliability. We have already mentioned how important it is that you have ownership over your domain, more precisely to update contact information. This also applies to the transfer of ownership of the website. Do not forget to test the downloaded website and confirm the transfer. If it does not work, it means that the transfer is not successfully executed.

These were some of the best practices when transferring domain and websites ownership. Every single item is significant, and do not think that these are small things. As with any purchase, you do not want to be damaged, and within online transfers should primarily take care of your personal data. To avoid misunderstandings, it’s best to take all the steps. For more information on this topic, purchases and transfers, visit

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