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7 Best Places to Sell Your Domain Name – How to Sell Your Domain Name


Have you got a good domain name? How are you making use of your domain name to your benefit? How about selling your domain name to make money from it? Let’s look how these questions are effective with regard to domain names. Take a look at, this website was sold at $1800 then the person who bought this domain redesigned the website and sold the website for $173000 after 2 years. Are...

Best practices and checklists for buying websites


The emergence of the Internet has opened new business opportunities for profit. With the increase in the number of products and services that can be found on the web, the availability and accessibility of their goods for potential customers are growing. That’s why only a few people today run business without relying on internet marketing or having no website. However, there are people who...

Sell your Unused Domain Name with these 7 Great Tips


Domain Name Buying & Selling is one of the fastest moving activity that many people fail to realize. While being within that marketplace, a large number of entrepreneurs are making fair amount of profits from domain. To understand the amount of money that is at stake, you can browse through DN Journal to view the List of Top 100 Domain Name Sales. There a number of factors that determined the...