Events That Triggered Gold Rush For A Domain Name Registration


Gold Rush For A Domain Name

Domain Names are sold at millions of dollars or a few dollars, and domain names have gold in them. Example: was sold for $2.6 million dollars back in 2008 but the original owner did pay only $20 dollars in the mid 90s. Tip — Earlier internet users began their registration on such domain names without thinking much about it, to only become rich years later.

One- word domain names have increased in number and have grabbed the attention of buyers and chance of selling has been grown enormously. Example: was a domain that just redirects to Google (Try it!). Thus, we can understand that descriptive names are cautious while choosing the domain names.

Here are 5 events that actually triggered the gold rush for a Domain Name Registration

#1 The Naming of Pope Francis

When one becomes the Pope, he changes his name and takes the name of the predecessor and hence the sort of roman numerals after their name. But, it was not the same in the case of Pope Francis, who took the name of St. Francis of Assisi promoting Vatican observers and implications.

Gold Rush For A Domain Name

Now coming to the domain name, hundreds of domain name snapped Names with Pope Francis and hoped to cash in such demands. With no surprise sold for thousands back in 2005. As for the domain, it was purchased by a Chicago Lawyer back in 2010.

#2 US Elections

Since the term for US presidential status is for every four years and it’s most important news that media thrives to report. The same kind of media saturation is what the domain name speculators thrive on.

Example: Mitt Romney declared his love for female causes by mentioning the “blinders full of women” in a 2012 debate. After he uttered the phrase, this domain was used by PAC through the rest of the election, but the site is inactive now.

It is not just the current events that prompts the domain name speculation but also its future ones too. Rick Santorum’s trying to stay ahead of this: he’s already bought, RickSantorum2016 .net and But according to Politico it’s unclear whether candidates or speculators have purchased, or, meaning we can only guess if they plan to run.

Gold Rush For A Domain Name

#3 Boston Marathon Bombing

At times people try to exploit tragedy to make a quick buck and it hasn’t been any new to domain name registration. People started buying names relevant to tragedies after the Boston Marathon Bombing domain name.

Though we don’t blame everyone to cash in such ideas, but the owner of bought the domain simply to prevent conspiracy theorists from having access.

Gold Rush For A Domain Name
#4 Michael Jackson’s Death

Not surprisingly, even death of a famous personality results in the spike of internet traffic and domain names. Disgusting? yes, speculators buy such domain names to make profit. One eBay user tried to sell Michael Jacksonrelated domain names like,,, and immediately after Michael Jackson’s demise.

Gold Rush For A Domain Name - Micheal jackson

#5 New Top Level Domain

The new top level domain names will soon be available in greater number because website owners and companies will be able to use endings like ‘.app’ and ‘.book’ in place of ‘.com’ and ‘.net’.

A company named Donuts, connected to Domand Media is spending $56 million to bid on such domains.

Some people purchased well-timed domain names simply to crack a joke. Not everyone does this for money and everyone used at least own one domain and buy it as soon as it’s available or you would have to shell out more money. Click here DN Finder to search for the availability of your domain name.

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