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We all know that the world in which we live today is based on the Internet or at least one part of it. It refers to the school, entertainment, but above all to business. There is almost no man who does not use the Internet for any purpose. And we all have benefited from it. If you have your own company, you want to sell a product, write your blog, or you just need a website, the first thing you need to do is to buy a domain. But what if you do not want to pay some big amount for the domain, and still want your website to be well placed on the Internet? How to connect these two things without having to empty your wallet? Here’s how.


What is domain and why to use expired ones?

expired domain

The domain is the internet address of your site (website, forum, blog, portal …). This name is uniquely world-wide after registration, and nobody else can use it. Domain with the help of DNS – Domain Name System, translates into a unique numerical code (IP address) that identifies computers on the Internet. When you have a domain, the next important thing about placing your website is SEO. What is that? Professional web design is not enough for your site to be visited, it is necessary that when users enter a particular keyword in the search box, they find exactly your website among the first in search results. The role of SEO optimization is directed precisely to the fact that your website attracts as many targeted visitors from the web browser. For that reason, domain names and SEO are absolutely related things. SEO website optimization for search engines begins even when selecting a domain name.

Some of us remember the times before young entrepreneurs became popular. Who were the most respected businessmen at that time? Those who were older and more experienced. It’s similar with domains on the Internet. Have you ever thought that you can boost SEO with the help of expired domains? Here’s more about it. Domain age is definitely one of the ranking factors. If you haven’t yet set up your site on the Internet, consider finding a cheaper older domain that has expired and uses it. Do not think that if an old domain has expired, it is not popular and you have no reason to use it. It’s not like that. Here’s why. Imagine registering a domain that has already been used by someone and has expired, and was used by a very popular brand. Now, on that same domain, you are placing your website. Great, isn’t it? The registration of the domain that has expired is an increasingly popular “tactic” of SEO experts. Such domains have their advantages because the presence of keywords in an expired domain which is identical to those keywords that users entered into the search engine, in itself meant a higher ranking in the search results list, and the keywords in the domain prompted other webmasters to put the same keyword sequence into anchor text when linking to this web page.

Some people will say why to think about the extended domain at all if at any time you can have a new domain. Isn’t the new one always better? In this case, it doesn’t have to mean. The idea of buying expired domains is not so new since companies have been doing it for a long time. In some cases it is unsuccessful, but there are many more of those who are satisfied. What is being considered today is that expired domains that are well positioned in search engines also provide the benefits of search engine optimization. Of course, like everything else, this also has advantages and disadvantages, but let’s focus on the benefits. It is believed that such domains carry with them all the benefits and everything that is ‘’good’’ and transfer to other websites. Because of this characteristic, more people are thinking in this direction, which is normally taking into account the amount of ease it carries with it. Obviously, the use of expired domains increases search ranking, and this is a basic advantage, but there is also a time spent on launching your new website. Who knows how much time it can pass through until you get the desired position on the Internet or SEO presence.

Number of expired domains

Every day there are hundreds of expired domains that are available for sale and are mostly due to the fact that people have not renewed them for some reason. There are people who buy expired domains and sell them for profit. The most common people who buy expired domains are bloggers and marketers because they have the most benefits of them for their business. You can find the list of expired domains on

However, if you’ve been into SEO for some time, you’ve probably noticed an increase in interest in expired domains and that many more people are talking about them and their benefits. It’s not just the case, the facts are very strong. Extended domains have become the foundation so important that after its use, you only have the words of praise. The simplest way to rank your website safely, inexpensively, without much trouble and, most importantly, quickly. Also, a large number of bloggers prefer and use expired domains over new ones, for their blogs. Expired domains have a really important role when it comes to blogs because they already have domain authority, they can rank well, have backlinks and these are just some of the values that are relevant to each blog. It is similar in cases of branding some product.

Older domains have more advantages than the newer ones because it’s easier to position yourself on Google’s top PageRank if your domain is registered for example in 2011 rather than in 2016. We mentioned earlier that expired domains carry all that “good” with itself, as PageRank and reputation. Also, older domains are already in a certain position in Google research, for what are deserving keywords, while more recent domains require a certain amount of time to do so.

Expired domain advantages

If SEO is very important to you (it is important in most cases today), expired domains are a good choice. They are all based on some SEO criteria, and some are more useful than others, but without a doubt, they facilitate the work later when it comes to rankings, placement, keywords, branding, etc. A large number of companies are currently using expired domains because of their “history”, as they represent a good opportunity for promotion, especially if it’s the same business niche (it’s very important, so pay attention to it). Companies that buy an expired domain will not have to spend so much time on the promotion, technology development and presence of the company on the Internet, they can only add new backlinks to your existing ones, which results in increasing revenue, avoiding being penalized by search engines, and also, you can sell them at a much better price later.

Earlier it was very hard to find expired domains, it took a lot of time just for a search, and especially found an expired domain of high quality. Of course, as technology progressed, but also the power of the Internet, the search is something lax. Above all, there are various combinations of tools and features that include methods for finding expired domains, but also checking their quality.



So, to summarize. Expired domains are a good option to boost SEO. It can increase SEO presence, based on previous domain usage. There are some things to keep in mind, such as whether a particular expired domain had spam (if the domain had spam, it’s highly likely that you will be affected), which can be identified through spam links, also check the domain authority (the most important thing, when it comes to ranking power), check if domain have Google AdSense ban (by AdSense Sandbox), check the quality of backlinks, and it’s desirable not to take too old domains (do not buy any domain older than 1996). If you follow all these steps and do them properly, you can only have the advantages of expired domains. On the Internet, it all comes down to finding the right and useful information if you want to make a profit. On this path, you can help expired domains, with their characteristics and advantages, which are listed above. If you want a website of modern design that will bring you profits, expired domains can still do miracles, just choose the right one. Do not be skeptical about expired domains, because they can be useful. When you define your strategies, techniques, and tools for the job, find the appropriate expired domain and enjoy the cause.

Every day about 100,000 domain names arises, so there’s a chance for you to find you suitable. Take advantage of it and start your business. Click here and start looking for your favorite domains name.

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