New Domain Extensions and SEO: What Do You Need To Know?


The two most searched questions on Google about New Domain Extensions are: “Does a Domain Name affect SEO?” and “Are Domain Names important for SEO?” We will answer these questions in the most simple terms for you to understand.

Bill Hartzer, a Dallas based SEO expert theorize that when you compare one newly registered domain name with another newly registered domain name, both are accepted in equal parameters according to Google when it comes to Search Engine Rankings. Primarily if no other search engine ranking factors are considered to a domain name, both the domain names stand an equal chance of ranking in the search engine results. You can look up the Google Webmaster Blog, for you to understand how Google handle Domain Names and New Domain Extensions.

There has been the debate over how effective will the New Domain Extensions favor the business for marketers. The daunting question arises for online marketers and website owners about how new domain extensions (generic Top Level Domains or gTLDs) affect search rankings and if Google is changing its search algorithm to favor these new domain extensions. Google on their Google Webmaster Blog has answered this question to eliminate all your doubts. Google states “Overall, our systems treat new gTLDs like other gTLDs (like .com & .org). Keywords in a TLD do not give any advantage or disadvantage in the search.”

All marketers and website owners should understand that there are hundreds of search engine ranking factors. Now with AI (Artificial Intelligence) taking the digital evolution ahead, search engine ranking uses algorithms to determine their rankings. With this, one can argue that there are thousand or more actual ranking factors. All the domain names aren’t treated the same by the public. Here, why we talk about the public in affecting the ranking is, it is how public view your domain that affect the search engine ranking.

In the simplest way, you can increase the search engine ranking is through linking your website to other websites. In the Stone Temple survey, we can discern that links do really matter in improving SEO Ranking. The other way is through anchor text (blue, underline, and clickable text in the hyperlink) which has consequential effect on the SEO Ranking. But just adding anchor texts does not get you the desired result, you need to add suitable hyperlinks.

Another important SEO practice is the quality of content. Having a relevant domain name which is rich in keywords combined with a good quality content on the domain name will fetch you the search results when people click on your web address. For example, a domain name that reads is simple, relevant, and memorable than Also, the having a crisp and relevant domain name adds value and reliability to your brand as an online seller.

Now that we have understood that domain extensions do not affect your SEO ranking, let’s move on to address the significance of domain names for SEO ranking. Any web page can make the top order in the search engines. Even web page such as page123478–45.html can have a chance to rank well. This will happen only when people find relevant quality content on that page and if there are other websites linked to it. As a standard rule, domain names are essential because a definitive domain name will foster more people to click on the domain’s listing in the search results.

Recently, Nick Frost, Head of Google Brain Toronto/Canada concluded that “pogo-sticking” is a part of Google Brain’s search engine algorithm. Pogo-sticking is when someone clicks a web page in the search results and has to immediately hit the ‘back’ button, going back to the search results. A domain name cannot technically prevent pogo-sticking, it’s actually the content on the page which prevents this, thus it’s difficult to get a click the first time if you don’t have an instinctive domain name. If your domain name has appropriate keywords to the search query, then there are chances that people will click on your search listing, even before they click on other web pages in the search listings.

Therefore, a domain name which is unique and detailed pertaining to your proficiency has the control to convert your ‘view’ to ‘click’ as it grabs the attention of the users in the search results. So, having a right new domain name is pressing essentially.

To conclude, find the right domain name that is crisp, unique, and relevant to your brand value. Some of the new domain extensions including .STORE for eCommerce, .TECH for technology, .PRESS for media and news, .FUN for media and entertainment and .SPACE for creative pursuits. To gain more credibility use a domain name which is original and attractive that is according to your industry. So, on the whole, the main emphasis is on having relevance to your domain name and quality of content propels your chances to getting clicked.


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