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The web is flooded with loads of information about the mistakes made by domainers. Some of this information is based on one’s own mistakes while others are archetype list of mistakes that domainers make. These general mistakes include using ‘hyphenated names’, ‘registering trademarks’, ‘burning money by registering for poor domain names’, etc. So we are not going to rerun over the same list in this article. Mistakes serve as a lesson in our life and mistakes are a beam of hope to arise new beginning when learnt from them. I quote Henry Ford “Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement”.

So what if mistakes are part of our life? Embrace it and learn from it. Next time try doing anything from a new approach. Here is a list of things that you might not have paid attention to or thought about as the mistakes made by domainers.

#1 When You Do Not Genuinely Care ABout Benefits of  the Name to the End User

Selling Domain Names are like selling any other assets, products, or services. If you cannot convince yourself that you can truly strengthen your buyer’s expectations, then do not try to pitch in. Because this attitude can be seen right through you. If you have devised this plan only with the intention of making money, then sustaining the right attitude will become a difficult process.

#2 Listing Domains Using Only Major Forums or Platforms

You need to understand by marketing your domains while sending out a link in the marketplaces, you are only increasing their web traffic than actually increase your sales. You will also miss out on the opportunities to build potential relationships.

#3 Poor Use of Social Media for Promotional Activities

If you advertising ‘domains for sale’ where only domainers or limited audience can view your post, then you are technically not utilizing the prospectives of social media. Promote your activities in such a way where your domains are actually seen by prospects who can actually benefit from your domain. Here is an article that will help you reach end users with social media.  

#4 Not Ensuring Each Domain Resolves Properly

Having a domain unresolved, or having to go to a page with errors, or default park pages will lessen the leads or offers. Always ensure each domain resolves to a sales page or landing page or monetized page/site that includes ‘for sale’ information. At the very least you can redirect your business contact page with instructions on how to acquire the domain name.  

#5 Poorly laid out or non-existent purchase process

If you don’t have a contact form or make an offer or buy now an option for fixed price domains, you will lose out on potential buyers. Even if the domain resolves, if there is no necessary information available or if your instructions are difficult to follow, you will certainly lose many opportunities.

#6 Not Treating Domaining like a Business

Only if you are treating domaining like any other business, you will reach new heights to present yourself with a professional purview. This will project positive first impressions and will stimulate potential buyers to deal with your business. Furthermore, if you are treating domaining as a business you will sell domains which are relevant and sensible to a business.  

#7 Spammy Sales Sites or No Company Website

This point goes along with the previous point. No potential buyers are interested in spammy looking sales sites and it is known for putting off their interest to deal with you. Also having no company website is discouraging anyone from contacting you about your domains.

#8 No Long-Term Goals or Business Plan

Buying domains just to flip to the next may work for you. Many times it has worked out for a good period. But only if you are flipping it with a substantial profit you can gain stability. Else you will burn yourself out in the process. It is necessary to have a long-term plan for your business. Long-term goals and a business plan should be a roadmap to allow you to wait for the right buyer and be able to cover your renewals at the very least.

#9 Buying Domains on Impulse

Buying domains on a hunch or whim are buying these domains based on their recorded sale. Later you add a letter or a character to the same word hoping that someone will buy the domain and hope you can recover at least 10 % of the recorded sale, will serve no purpose. Just because your domain name is close to the sold domain name does not mean you can gain 10% of the value of it. Another example is when you try to combine two or three words and reverse it to have a new domain name will automatically prove to be grammatically incorrect.  

#10 Pitching Inferior Quality Domains

If you pitch inferior quality domains owned by other investors or end users, you undermine your credibility and this will subsequently impact the incoming future prospects. Does the owner of really want to buy or It is always wise to build trusted and known brand for quality domains and professionalism of the business.

These are the list of 10 mistakes made by domainers that aren’t generally thought about. As I said earlier in this article there are numerous information posted about mistakes on the web. If you are looking out for buying or selling your domains, go through the DN Finder to associate with high quality and trusted resources.  

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